. . . and as if that wasn’t enough . . .

Last night I was surprised and indeed delighted to receive this email from Jane Donald (see previous post regarding ‘Dandelion’

“Hi Sara, thought you would like to meet “Ewna” hot off the needles!  Just finished tonight. I have had to wait to knit up the kits since ‘wonderwool’as my daughter is getting married in two weeks time and we have been busy knitting all the wedding flowers and corsages! I am also responsible for the cake too!”

How brilliant is that!

Here are the pictures

Ewna by Jane Donald

Ewna by Jane Donald

Jane's corsage

Beautiful bouquets for the wedding

Come on Knitters . . . the bar has been set!


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Post Woolfest – Pre Fibre East

Greetings.  Woolfest was great fun – really REALLY busy and the SheapKnits went down well.  Matilda the newest Sheapknit was quite popular but Gwyndaff (the dragon) and Barbara the sheep remained the favourites.  Since Woolfest (after a trip to Swindon to buy a kiln and a lot of preparation for The Big Art Show this weekend in Shrewsbury) I’ve been getting Oscar and Lucinda ready for their big reveal at Fibre East . . . You’ll have to wait and see who they are!

Meanwhile I’ve received two photos of characters knitted by lovely SheapKnit knitters . . . here they are – with a great deal of thanks to Jane Donald for ‘Dandelion’ the dragon and to Elaine Woods for the truly gorgeous ‘Pancheck’  :-)

Elaine Woods sheep

Pancheck knitted by Elaine Woods and named by her grandson  - truly lovely :-)

Dandelion from Jane

Dandelion the dragon knitted by Jane Donald and named by her grand-daughter :-)

Hope to see some of you next weekend at Fibre East.



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