Post Woolfest – Pre Fibre East

Greetings.  Woolfest was great fun – really REALLY busy and the SheapKnits went down well.  Matilda the newest Sheapknit was quite popular but Gwyndaff (the dragon) and Barbara the sheep remained the favourites.  Since Woolfest (after a trip to Swindon to buy a kiln and a lot of preparation for The Big Art Show this weekend in Shrewsbury) I’ve been getting Oscar and Lucinda ready for their big reveal at Fibre East . . . You’ll have to wait and see who they are!

Meanwhile I’ve received two photos of characters knitted by lovely SheapKnit knitters . . . here they are – with a great deal of thanks to Jane Donald for ‘Dandelion’ the dragon and to Elaine Woods for the truly gorgeous ‘Pancheck’  :-)

Elaine Woods sheep

Pancheck knitted by Elaine Woods and named by her grandson  - truly lovely :-)

Dandelion from Jane

Dandelion the dragon knitted by Jane Donald and named by her grand-daughter :-)

Hope to see some of you next weekend at Fibre East.



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